Rosie’s History

Ms. Rose Pasco, also known as “Dago Rose"

Perhaps the most colorful character to ever live in Port Clinton, Ms. Rose Pasco, also known as “Dago Rose,” is sure to be that one!

Vilified by some and revered by others for her establishment of “working girls,” Rosie was known far and wide. During and after World War II, an inquiry about where you hailed from would surely lead to the topic of “Dago Rose” if the answer was Port Clinton, Ohio.

In spite of her checkered past, Rose was one of the most generous people of the era. If you read the blogs about her you will find only positive comments, and fond memories regarding her charitable character.

Rose retired to the restaurant at the old Sun Valley Golf Course in the early 1970’s, and passed away in 1979 at the age of 79.

So, knowing there is good and evil in us all, let’s raise our glasses to toast the good in one of Port Clinton’s memorable personalities.